About Us

UIN is the media division of Global Deregulated Services. This division of GDS is a pioneer in this industry because it was launched at the beginning of the IPTV revolution. This head start allowed to secure these powerful domains, cincinnati.detiptv.com, chicagoiptv.com, cincinnatiiptv.com, newyorkiptv.com, and several more.

Our goal is use UIN TV to provide a platform for everyday people disseminate information about their communities. They will also be used to educate and entertain with the destructive images so prevalent in the major media.

One of our goals is to promote local businesses and provide an opportunity for individuals if they desire to create an  income for themselves by marketing our online movies and Subscription Service. We take this responsibility very serious and we operate UIN in a way that the community will be proud to be a part of what we do.